Wednesday, June 02, 2004

bomb the suburbs! (this place digs television antennas into my retinas.)

(primitivo suarez)

street art fans worldwide, clutch this asap, the wooster collective brings it through and through everyday of the damn week, gorgeous stuff, seeing all this is making me go bananas, i'm itching to get out of the suburbs quick, you have no idea how much i loathe for 405 freeway (everyday i dream of godzilla and mothra rising out of the pacific and thrashing the place down.) all i do is drive from point A to point B and back again.

(meanwhile, when i'm not driving, i'm - sigh - gaming... by-the-by: play bushgame - howard dean AND mr t, in the same game? pop culture nerds and political lefties, this is your mario party.)

i miss s so all i do is stare at these pictures of lower manhattan and imagine her shadow breeze by on top of them. amsterdam seems to be a happening place, any city that invests so much money in public transportation must be worth a visit. doesn't this bus stop make riding the bus seem like a rollercoaster ride? what did ruth forman say? "somethingsomething should ride the bus?" oh yes, poetry should ride the bus, but i think i've forgotten a thing or two about that subject.