Saturday, June 12, 2004


can't write, can't speak, my voice is gone, i sneezed, and it snuck out by hiding in the wrinkles of a crumpled tissue. i threw it out and it took a bus to the beach, perhaps in search of shinnier things, it likes to press its ear against shells and listen to the spoken word poems of the sea.

could ya help a brother out?

i'd very much like to get my voice back, really i do, i won't mistreat it with bad poems or poor papers anymore, i promise! my voice is a quick one, speaks almost too quick for its own good, but when it's tired it likes to nap under the folds of my tongue. when it feels secretive, it likes to hide in the tiny holes of cypress trees. when it feels flirtatious, it sort of trips off my lips and falls clumsily to the ground. if you see it, please ask it to write back, i really do miss it.