Monday, May 31, 2004

gary jules on michel gondry:

Michel was in Paris on a cell phone and has a very strong French accent, which along with the trucks and the Druid wind, made him very nearly impossible to understand as he tried to explain his idea for the video, which was, of course, surreal - brilliant, I'm sure - but very abstract . . . surreal. I just sat there and tried to listen - not knowing if what I thought I was hearing was actually what Michel was saying or what I was imagining after trying to piece together little bits of sentences that I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly anyway. Something about Mike and me, a rooftop in New York, something about kids and shapes . . . a leg? A chicken? A candle?? Finally, I heard Mike say 'Cool. What do you think Gary?'. No idea . . . certainly didn't want to be rude or sound like an idiot at this critical point, but I had no idea. 'Fuck it' thought, I. 'I'm in'.

watch the video here (thanks ronnie for the link)