Friday, June 18, 2004

damn, spankin'! all my friends are heroes: congratulations to my boy jose vadi for making it onto the 2004 oakland slam team, and to kevin frigging murphy for taking first place in the architecture acsa wood design competition. effin' a! y'all make me blush.

(by the by, a damn nice record, courtesy of the g4, meaty ogre throws us leo vs pisces, a syrupy cd, it's sesame street with funk guitars, melt bones like butter on a steaming freight train, for you typical cats fanatics, peep qwel and denizen kane busting out like bonanza bananas out of their peels, in other words, i like it.)

oh, and my brother and i bought matching b-boy jackets. they're fugging urgly, oh baby!

last day of summer, see you in school.