Saturday, June 26, 2004

sasc 2004, long live the bright eyes of a student, watch em shed fire as they cry, two things that they'll take home:

1. how to play big bootie (big bootie, uh huh, big bootie big boote big bootie) and
2. when someone yells "go back to your country," yell back "fuck you" (or rather, "you go back to your country!")

this is not about hate, but rather about love, that the love for your community is stronger than anything you've ever imagined, bigger than your own backbone can wrestle with, so enticing, so daring that every cubic inch of your body demands to rock steady, remember this, you are the ones who should never be afraid, doooo it, and not just for your community, but all communities, women, gays, lesbians, everybody, you know, like what mike said: don't just say it, believe it, feel it in your chest. don't just be an architect, be the home, don't just be a dancer, be the rhythm, don't just be a writer, be the language, and please, don't hesitate, you can lose the uhs and ums... there's nothing to be shy about anymore.