Wednesday, June 16, 2004

listening to ghosts through my headphones, an unkept promise over four years old... i discovered a lost letter written by my grandfather (i call him "papi") next to a litter of embarassing photographs and dusty vocab sat flash cards (how nerdy was i?) in an excavated bedroom, a story to his "petit fils bien aime" about how he yearns that i can one day visit vietnam with my petit frere sometime soon, an unkept promise over four years old, there's nothing like listening to my mother tell stories about my grandparents over satay and peanut sauce, i didn't go to his funeral and i've never forgiven myself for it, peace to all the kids spending their summers discovering the streets their parents grew up on, dig tiny holes in the dirt and plant an extra hullo and goodbye for me, slam your lips to the ground and never let go.