Wednesday, June 09, 2004

whales & orgies - harry kim

"What kind of degenerate scumbug writes fuck you on the wall? That's me! I write "fuck you" on the wall! (...) I'm gonna go in and bring the property value down, and make it look ugly, ugly fucking slash beautiful."

david choe, on whales & orgies and everything in between, on ifilm.

just tumbled through the celluloid skyline of new york, a multimedia exploration of new york, based on the book by james sanders. scope out some nice photographs of the old days of new york, as well as the upscale great gatsy daydreams old hollywood art director tried to turn the city into.

also, kathy showed this to me a while back: graffiti archaeology cassidy curtis brings us a timelapse collage of some sf graffiti over the past 6 years. nutso!!

meanwhile, my academic butt wants to cop this: the cybercities reader. and damn, i should be working on my thesis paper.