Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hotel everland

tiny pre-fab modern hotels, courtesy of artist duo L/B . hotel everland is prefabricated from a wood frame and can be dropped onto potentially any forest, mountain top, wine vineyard, suburban mini-mall, skatepark, piazza, and skyscraper in the world. dope!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

(from the astonishing portfolio of raphael garnier)

‘cause cause cause i remember when we used to hang on the steps of Sproul Plaza. old friends, sorry that i haven’t been keeping in touch so well. among my new years resolutions is write more, as in heart to heart e-mails as in tiny autobiographies as in better scrabble words as in science fiction love stories. maybe we could even write palindromes together. you know, “pop” is a palindrome, as in “pop back into your life.” we’ll hang out soon, either in this city or the next. until then, hello hello hello, first week of lunar new year is passing, happy new year everrrrbody!

ps: i took out the friend links on the side, but don't worry i'm still your friend!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

what nice neighbors: adult swim and stones throw records stopped by today with a bag full of sugar and chrome children vol 2 for free download. what a swell bunch. they even baked us a pretty blueberry pie too!

here are some of my favorite tracks so far:

fourtet and guilty simpson - money motivated movements

clifford nyren - keep running away

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

amy bennett's neighbors

(oil paintings of suburbia via richard heller gallery)

invisible waves (dir: pen-ek ratanaruang, 2006)

if you want to take a trip somewhere, maybe you should see this in bed. it's a gentle ride. if you happen to want to go to sleep during the first hour and a half of the movie, go ahead, you'll dream that you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no where to go in particular, the sun bounces off some passing glaciers into halo shaped lights dripping all above you in the sky. you'll wonder where your loved one is and will start to panic. you'll plunge into the cold water and swim for shore just to get to her. you'll swim all night, you'll cramp up several times and will want to give up but you won't. don't worry: by the time you wake up it'll be morning and you'll be lying next to her. but if you watch the whole movie without falling asleep, good for you, the ending is a nice one.

Monday, February 19, 2007

crazy waves

hurricane photography by clifford ross

beautiful and terrifying how this planet roars. this lab reports that:

The strongest hurricanes in the present climate may be upstaged by even more intense hurricanes over the next century as the earth's climate is warmed by increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Although we cannot say at present whether more or fewer hurricanes will occur in the future with global warming, the hurricanes that do occur near the end of the 21st century are expected to be stronger and have significantly more intense rainfall than under present day climate conditions.

here are some ways we can stop global warming. oh, and watch "an inconvenient truth." it's like, the best movie ever.

(images via bldgblog)

Friday, February 16, 2007

what, what, what?

gather crowds, and listen to them. a lonesome smile may be meant for you. go through them:
lightning, rain, thunder, ice-storms.
smile at the sun's temperature. at least. talking about insurrection, and subversion, and strategies, and tactics - the smile's your main concern.
be where you are at, and surrender. invisibilities surround you.
hands up! everything you say can be used for and against you.

scenes de la vie interieure... momentary orbit bow and arrow orgasm tension swells and subsides.
make one wave and multiply the floods. trips for fellow travellers.
smell: here i come. taste: here i go.
pied piper aimed at you. wake up, and realize you're in love.
how beautiful you are. sunset. sunrise. the same one.
we'll see the same things. do we? i'd love to.
i've been talking to you. remember: a piece of my mind, which is yours. a sign of life.
it feels good to be surrounded by friends and lovers.

everything you do is all right.
everything is all right.

- simon vinkenoog

Thursday, February 15, 2007

last night we watched the stars from different parts of the planet (i was on a beach and you were in a forest.) the stars were a faint shy blue, so you sang “if you rescue me, I’ll be your friend forever” to cheer them up (“let me into your world, I’ll keep you warm and amused... oh the things we can do in the rain!”) you trace the sky with your fingertip and point out the big dipper, orion’s belt, the north star. “see how the north star flickers? that’s my reflection waving back at you.” we see a cluster of stars way out west floating just above the Pacific Ocean. we think that a parallel version of us lives out there. they're like us but backwards. they wear matching track suits and all. we don't know how they got there, but they’re hanging out together at this very moment, watching the sky, wondering how we got all the way out here too.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

when we're together, a forest grows everywhere we go. when i'm without you, the forest grows inside me.