Friday, April 29, 2016

it's my show, i hear, i got your back

just have to find a way to rise up to this moment

Monday, April 25, 2016

had brunch with p the dp. very insightful and inspiring. our career struggles we're all young and we're always just the beginning.

thai omelette and comic book. "the sculptor" by mccloud. always wanted to read this.

c drives all the way to meet me at a korean coffee shop. we talk about casting. i'm worried about one of my actors. she gives good advice. i wish i got her advice sooner. i keep things in too often.

m calls me while i'm watching game of thrones.

i call her right back... i go outside for some privacy. walk around in my socks through the wet crass and concrete. a helicopter flies across the night sky, documenaing a car chase. she gets super deep... we talk about spirituality and life and children and "nana." i'm lucky to work with such giving artists