Tuesday, June 29, 2004

farenheit 9/11

what a film. the things you'll see you won't be able to shake of. you'll lose yourself in the heartbreak - the kind probably best healed with a warm bowl of pho (number one large.)

i'm lucky. i've never had to fight in a war. i don't know how i would deal with it, i don't know what kind of soldier i am. who will i be? the soldier who bumps "burn motherfucker burn" in his discman as he cruises the streets of iraq, or the other one, the man who whispers that he loses a part of his own soul everytime he has to kill?

the film puts me to shame. alex made a comment today during dinner about not seeing it because he thinks it'll make him lose faith in america (was he joking? half-joking?)... no, i think it'll do the exact opposite. it'll remind you what being an american is about, we see the side of america that many of us are lucky enough not to have to deal with. this movie shows us the effects of the war on the american people. we see horror, we see lives where military seems to be the only option, we see poverty, we see torture, we see pain, we see suffering, we see ugly things, we see our reflections, our role in all this with our complacency, we are caught by images that shed us naked and remind us what it means to be human.

i don't know what to say, 2 days since i've seen it and i'm still trying to recover from it.

see this movie, please.

(and word to jimmy, i want to choke a bush.)


where is hitchens getting his crack? conservatives are pointing to a piece written by chris hitchens to back up their desperate "see! the movie is all lies!" retorts. read it if you want, but be sure to catch chris parry's superb bitchslap, he point-by-point takes hitchens on, kicking ass and busting knowledge like bubble gum.


for more post-farenheit 9/11 reading, keep up with daily kos and atrios, michael moore is starting to fill his website with more in depth facts about the content of his movie, and, also: bush's vacation numbers, bush's old professor speaks about bush in class, how the US filled Iraqi soccer stadiums... with dead bodies, how military recruiters go after school children.

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