Wednesday, April 07, 2004

your poems gotta be so fresh your words smell like dandelions, old ladies go to the market to buy your lines ($8.99 a pound) in pink paper wraps and when their grandchildren barbeque your stanzas with lemon juice... smoke doesn't rise up out of fire - butterflies do.

these next few weeks will be rich with poetry

this week is the motherfucking college slam finals (sage francis and mike mcgee are ripping our campus on saturday!) jimmy and the cal slam team, mush, jose, and josh, have been tearing it up like crazy lately. they've been damn unbelievable on the mic. schools from all over the nation are coming to compete. you can't miss any of the bouts. peep jimmy's blog for the info.

the incredible ruth forman, mitsude yamada, and suji kwock kim are all coming to poetry 4 the people in the next few weeks. you better believe it! three of the most amazing women poets out there will be coming to rock it.

denizen kane, golda supanova, odessa chen, kiwi and many damn more at til our chests burn concert... the save outreach/sasc summer institute 2004 benefit concert... the thing that has engulfed my life since day one of this semester. i still can't believe i managed to put together such an insane line-up, my jaw is still dropped somewhere by my socks. come through yall. do this for the kids.