Sunday, April 18, 2004

we're scribing words out of the same ink of consciousness. mad props to the pcn crew - i'd love to hold all your hands, you make us vietnamese folks blush. we've all got birds in our eyes - a crow nesting in one socket and a sparrow in the other. one is to honor the dead, the other to wake the living. duct tape our mouths shut, our eyes will never stop talking.

mused with helene about how it'd be like if we could combine both culture shows into one element - if we could turn up two stereos bumping cassette tapes of vietnoise and pinoise at the same time.

(which reminds me, i never told you about a double date i went on - AWKWARD!)

can't wait til i develop this weekend's lomos.

days like this makes me wish i could breakdance - headspin in the rain until i grow gills.