Thursday, April 22, 2004

welcome to schizotopia. school's making me lose my mind, and it doesn't help that all i'm reading these days are postmodern/supermodern hyper-real jargon like slavoj zizek, jean baudrillard, and george orwell, nor does it help that all i'm listening to these days are dystopic shit like el-p and iron and wine. slightly paranoid about the future - i'm an overly abstract achitecture major with a resume that's all over the place. the world's going to eat me up, but that's exciting, i suppose.

diggin' through a book a day - i'm obsessive, i know, but i can't stop with all these research papers. yesterday was "welcome to the desert of the real" by sizek, today is "IN" magazine, tomorrow it'll be "making and remaking asian america" by bill ong hing.

me and my mates are graduating soon. some cats are going straight into law school and grad school, others are going abroad for a bit - vietnam, china, germany, et al, other people are finding leads in dc or boston, or hopefully with fancy architects overseas... but some of us, most of us, we don't know what's happening next. we're naive and ignorant, we don't know better so we'll do what we want.

fuggit, let's just be filmmakers and rock stars, paint the world yellow and pink