Thursday, April 01, 2004

makeagodamnfilmbytheendofthesemester - entry 2

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind left a kiss on my lips that won't go away. i love how gondry did it all with just natural lighting and a janky flashlight duct taped to his camcorder. best scene is the slow fade of the house on the beach, the dream of facing a regret.

i've been loving like mad kaufman's adventures in films. he's ravaging our celluloid geographies like he's on redbull and rum, tearing down the fourth wall and kickflipping through our (film saturated) brains. how he makes mischief with our fascination for john malkovich, our (mis)understandings on traditional screenplays, and flashbacks... i have a feeling that his movies are about watching movies (sort of like the truman show or edtv... but slightly different.) the audience are the main actors, the ones sucked and directly engaged in the movie itself.

in other words, eternal sunshine is the gay parade - gosh damn beautiful and simply unstoppable. cop the soundtrack now, rock beck and the polyphonic spree all the way to school.

the music video school of film has been sending us some dope movie-makers of late: spike jonze and michel gondry can't stop, won't stop. can't wait til chris cunningham drops a movie. jonas ackerlund, who made the crazy "smack my bitch up" video for prodigy, recently did "spun," which was understandly slept on - it doesn't work as a movie but it's interesting if you look at it as an experiment in style, like fifty music videos strung together (mickey rourke was dope in it tho, but the dopest rourke film is still "the year of the dragon." have you seen it? a racist - or is it critical - movie about an anti-asian cop trying to take down chinatown gangsters.)

in other news, if you can, come through this friday to the pro arts gallery in oakland (8-ish): proletariat bronze is performing and they're screening regret and a video by helene park!

(also, casting is set for the next short! a lot of us are going to make our own short films at the same time, it should be quite crazy.)