Wednesday, April 14, 2004

what annoys me about architecture students is that most cats don't give a rats ass about politics, won't vote for the asuc election, and care little about anything except the latest electrochromatic glass window - and these will be the kids who will be building our futures (thank you freedom tower!) nah, i'm just in a sleep-deprived bad mood - there are plenty of beautiful conscious activist folks in the architecture program (kirk, ed wendorf, christine, kathy b, etc...)

get out there and vote, y'all.

because calserve pulled together together all the nor cal schools to fight against prop 54, and calserve will continue the fight to save outreach and retention programs. calserves kids like liz hall and mike sheen are always down for the issues, know how to lobby in sacramento, and have experience organizing grassroots campaign. student action, well, they're endorsed by the cal patriot .

i'm voting annalyn, betty and brent.

our student government will represent us to sacramento, to the governor, to the uc regents, to the high schools, to the local organizations, to the educators, and to all the students across california and the nation. what do you want to say?