Friday, April 23, 2004

can i just tell you how dazzling the blue scholars album is?

managed to nab it from fellow vietnamese soundhustler dandiggity two weeks ago at the collegiate slam bouts at Berkeley – at the nick of time too, just before Theresa Vu got her greedy fingers on em. this is blue school, folks. the beats are all blue, like the bruises on our hands after banging the sky one time too much. geologic wields the microphone beautifully.

bamboo, kiwi, geo, denizen kane and offwhyte from chicago, good ol' chops, prach ly, the friendly neighborhood magnetic north kids... a damn nice time for the apa underground.

if you haven't picked up the kiwi cd yet, shame! shame! also, shame on you if you don't know the unstoppable typical cats. while i dug denizen's solo record, his "tree city legends" and "lost found nation" songs are WAY doper without the beats or guitar riffs – the last track on the re-issued 2 tongues record is breathtaking.

(but... man, was i the only one slightly disappointed by chops' latest?)