Monday, April 19, 2004

damn, head still in the clouds from this weekend. how am i supposed to study with all these thoughts scampering through my head? sorry that i refused those lovely flowers - felt that there were many more people who deserved them than me (thank you jimmy, melanie, kathy, jolyn, nkauj iab, mike, vinh, hai, annabel, cindy, david, peter gee, old man, phatrick, stephanie, amorette, carina, cristina, j. lo, wanda, nancy, ronnie, and many more that i'm forgetting right now.) we merry-makers are unstoppable.

but, damn. big ups to david huang of poetic dream. he's got such a gorgeous eye. documentarian of the arts and activism movement, every step of the way. please, take a look at the rest of his til our chest burn pictures. beautiful through and through.

(now if only i could get some pictures of the vsa culture show - kathy bach where you at?)