Monday, January 26, 2004

with only a few minutes before i rush out the door to get to my 12:30 city planning at wurster, now would be a good time to announce that i love my classes.

monday and wednesdays: city planning 118 (the urban community) and african american studies 156 (poetry for the people), both prompt a slight regret in me for not exploring city planning as a major. the construction of our community, our urban fabric, the policies and economic factors that shape them, i find it all so fascinating and vital.
tuesdays and thursdays: architecture 160 (construction) and environmental design 100 (the city), this day brings me face to face with with two professors i admire and respect: prof buntrock and prof roy, both are passionate teachers with so much knowledge to drop. i am privileged to share the same room as them. the reader for ed 100 is a mindfucking joy to read (i am a nerd.)
friday: architecture 139x, if i get into it. a study of the multimedia tools of documenting architecture and the environment (photography, video, etc...) so very exciting. this might be the first class where my aspirations in architecture, filmmaking, and multi-media arts finally benefit each other.

yes. if i decided to graduate this semester, i imagine that this would be a good way to end my undergraduate career, leaving berkeley with a desperate appetite for more.