Friday, January 23, 2004

the democratic primaries jolts with excitement, it's the same old shit every four years but it makes real good television. the surprise win by kerry and edwards in iowa wows me (how did the edwards do it?) and dissapoints me (kerry bugs), but it just goes to show how unpredictable it all is. if anything, it how fluid the bases of all the candidates are and how the pigskin could still fall into anyone's hands. i scoff at anyone who thinks dean is over just because he came in third. don't let the dissapointment drown you. new hampshire's next and i think it's kerry's for the taking (he's riding real high from the iowa win.) the more interesting (and perhaps vital for some) question is, who will come in second? edwards keeps on surprising and surprising (and woos people with his southern belle looks), clark has found a way to raise hella money (i heard he was raising 150k a day) and has that cool michael moore endorsement, but dean still has that revolution thing going for him.

what revolution thing?

i'm not sure, but how would you explain these startling numbers from monday's iowa caucus:

- 55% of those who voted in iowa said that it was their FIRST TIME they had ever voted in a caucus. 55%! the electorate has woken the fuck up!
- the overall turnout in iowa has DOUBLED since four years ago. that not only means more democrates are voting, but also more republicans, greens, and independents are switching over with the sole goal of getting bush out of office.
- the youth turnout has DOUBLED since four years ago too. our generation has been rejected time and time again as a generation of apathy. the tide is turning, our generation is becoming something we've always wanted.
- 75% of those who voted in iowa said that they were ANTI-WAR.

wait until the primaries get to california.

[by-the-by, apparently bush went A.W.O.L. in 1972-1973, something that you and i would do hard time for. ain't it cute that our beloved war monger is also a war deserter? ... michael moore has some interesting articles documented online on his website.]