Sunday, January 25, 2004

i was whining to s the other day that i had no concert to look forward to. damn boy, was i wrong. i was just dissapointed that smokey and miho weren't coming back to the bay this year, that's all.

crazy short list of the things i wanna hit up:

1/31 - the skyflakes, cast of thousands, artists hellen jo + derek kim - stork club
2/04 - the shins - fillmore
2/07 - atmosphere, blueprint, eyedea & abilities - fillmore
2/14 - hollertronix - milk bar
2/16 - the notwist/themselves - slim's
2/21 - aceyalone/visionaries/bus driver - slim's
2/28 - sage francis - slim's
3/12 - phenomenauts, rock n' roll adventure kids - gilman
3/16 - yeah yeah yeahs - fillmore
3/29 - get up kids - slim's

the skyflakes groundhogfest will be damn fun and full of friends (check out jericho in 3d over at dino's website), the shins will be quite pleasant, atmosphere's dvd "sad clown dub" was horrible and really turned me off to them but heartbroken hip hop is too much to pass up, hollertronix are going to turn valentine's night into one of those nights where you dance and don't stop til the break of dawn, notwist with themselves will be unbelievably way way over our heads, aceyalone, visionaries, and bus driver will throw us a powerful night of hip hop and spoken word, sage francis should satiate the rage in all of us who think too much, phenomenauts and rock n' roll kids are gonna make for one of the funnest and happiest nights ever, the yeah yeah yeahs has a hot exotic hapa lead singer, and the get up kids are kind of whiney but i still have a soft spot for em.

i can't afford the time or cash to go to half of these concerts but who's down for some fun?