Monday, January 12, 2004

some more bad news.

(what? more bad news? in addition to the fact that we're at war, people are dying, the war was sold with lies, millions lack basic health insurance, the entire country created a tiny 1000 jobs last month, blue and white collar jobs are exported to other countries at a rapid rate, the dollar is sinking, and civil liberties are slipping away?)


arnold's budget plan:

Spending cuts: $6.8 billion
* $2.7 billion in health and welfare, including Medi-Cal provider cuts and capped enrollment in health care for the poor
* $2 billion reduction in Proposition 98 guarantees to K-14 public education
* $1 billion from transportation projects funded by Prop. 42's sales tax on gasoline
* $729 million from higher education to be partially offset by income from higher student fees
* $438 million from adult and youth corrections

Borrowing: $4 billion
* $3 billion from the $15-billion economic recovery bond issue that the Legislature placed on the March ballot
* $950 million from pension obligation bonds similar to ones a Sacramento Superior Court ruled unconstitutional last year

Tax shifts: $1.3 billion
* $1.3 billion diverted from local property taxes of cities, counties, schools and special districts

Fee increases: $238 million
* $22 million from state-funded child care programs
* $109 million from University of California students (increases of 10% for undergraduates, 40% for graduates and 20% for out-of-state)
* $78 million from California State University students (hikes of 10% for undergraduates, 40% for graduates and 20% for out-of-state)
* $18 million in park fees
* $11 million other, including community care licensing, air resources and board of corrections fees

$2.7 billion cut to community health clinics that serve low-income families? $2 billion cut from k-14 public education? about $200 million fee hike for child care programs and higher education?

so the poor, the sick, the elderly, the students, and the children are all paying for the budget deficit?

and arnold proposed it all with a broad smile too ("did you get a good shot of me holding the graph?" he jokingly asked the reporters after his presentation.)