Tuesday, January 13, 2004

best movie of the year: kill bill vol I
best director of the year: danny boyle, 28 days later
best actor of the year: johnny depp, pirates of the caribbean
best actress of the year: samantha morton, in america
best supporting actor: tim robbins, mystic river
best supporting actress: scartless johansson, lost in translation

favorite films:
1. kill bill vol 1 2. in america 3. lost in translation 4. finding nemo 5. 28 days later 6. man on a train 7. big fish 8. return of the king 9. dirty pretty things 10. pirates of the caribbean

i still need to see:
triplets of belleville, capturing the friedmans, 21 grams, american splendor, elephant, thirteen, dogville, greg pak's robot stories

least favorite movie:

last samurai: lame. totally panders to the "white man's ego" (only a white man can save the non-whites from the evil whites!) the movie preaches "respect and observance" for japanese culture but then it throws us a tom cruise hollywood ending? "tell me how he died" "no, i'll tell you how he lived." please. (on a bright note: the ninja vs. samurai was pretty fun!)

best rental:

ichi the killer: an opera of cum and decapitations. i almost chickened out and turned the tv off while watching it. i hated it right after watching it... but now i kinda love it and all its senselessness. great potential party movie. take a shot every time someone screams in pain. we'll be drunk in 15 minutes.

oh, and props to those wonderful best works of chris cunningham, spike jonze, and michel gondry.