Tuesday, February 15, 2005

we're built outta bone marrow

photos from michael wolf's architecture of density exhibit (now in SF!)

a medley of neon. i think: skyscraper is a dated word, we're too spoiled and too used to standing on the 175th floor, counting the quarter-inches between this balcony and that cloud. below, a fullgrown city, wait, no, not fullgrown, more like mid-puberty. full-grown sprawls in every imaginable direction (2nd, 3rd, 4th dimension, you name it.) density, you get used to it, and play connect-the-dots with the flickers of lights out of the windows all around you, the way the tiniest hairs
on your back jiggle when traffic rushes by... a city where you don't stop moving, can't, no one ever tells you to stop, no one ever tells you to sit stilll, you move because your muscles ache to, like it's the only thirst you got.

nostalgia about hong kong. truth is, i don't know it anymore. all i remember is a humidity, a touch that clings to your flesh, sticky, each step feeling like you're walking the inner body of a kiss.

days of being wild, i'll see you soon.

but first: new york city... this weekend!