Wednesday, February 09, 2005

purdy photos = purdy architecture

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain (from its official website)

Robert Polidori's portrait of Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain (from design observer - check it for a beautiful review of the photographer...)

from a rollercoaster of titanium clouds to a trainwreck band-aid over a rusted neighborhood.

(some post-grad angst musings)

as an arch student, i find it strange that i know architecture mostly through photos, films, and magazines, not through the actual physical exploration or excavation of buildings. i've seen frank gehry buildings in newspapers, lectures, and movies but only got the chance to sneak and duck through one a few weeks ago (the disney concert hall in downtown LA... a strange adventure, for a fairly berzerk exterior, i thought it was way rigid and dark on the inside. )

architecture sometimes seems like it od'd on redbull and honey-combs, hyperactive breakdancing structures, especially when put next to issues of housing, poverty, poor transportation, and urban decay. once upon a time i wanted to go work for a starchitect like morphosis, herzog and demeuron, coop himmelblau, rem koolhaas, or the other fancifully named folks... but now it all seems too cultish and masturbatory.

i don't think i'd like a career in architecture, but it seems like a shame if i don't try out at least one firm for a bit. gigs in architecture i still might dig: the recycling of unused structures (like the tate modern in the uk), or exploring potentials in affordable housing/recycled materials (while throwing house parties and shooting music videos, like those torolab kids.)