Friday, February 18, 2005

academic decapithalon

junichi warns of the sharpening of an academic guilottine in two recent blog entries, are college professors the new janet jackson's breast and in defense of ward churchill, both are serious must reads.

what's with the witch hunt? all this news is scary, like the second coming of joseph mccarthy scary. how did our society become so reactionary, so unable to take opinions and commentaries from the political left?

(don't shut up, please, don't stop the magic.

i'm talking to you, you who first said "hegemony" to me, said, "ooh boy, it's a mindfuck" after i asked you what it meant, you who brought that boombox and dead prez to discussion, made an academic curriculum outta the matrix, showed me sankofa, burned me that I Was Born With 2 Tongues cd, you who tried to freestyle with me, taught me how to code, made me believe in June Jordan, forced me to read Baudrillard, you who had coffee with me, talked graffiti and architecture with me, you who made an open mic outta every corner of berkeley, bellowed gregorian chants in lectures, yeah you, with the video camera, with the chapbook, with the johnny depp from pirates of the caribbean haircut, you who ursuped our metaphors, told me that you would only give me an A if i could make you cry, showed me a flying buttress, encouraged me to read that poem, you who quoted Walter Benjamin and the Cure...

please, don't fucking shut up.)