Sunday, February 27, 2005

Portishead - Glory Box [live]
from Roseland NYC Live

i usually dont like live albums because songs that are recorded live dont turn out as tight or cohesive as the studio version. this track is a rare instance that the live version turned out better than the one recorded and mixed in studio. there is more detail with some sounds in this track that is somehow lost in the studio. maybe it was the chemistry and musicianship of performing live, but there are subtle differences in the two tracks that make this one just a little better. plus, how often is a band backed by a full orchestra? one of the more noticable differences is the fuller slowly descending synth-bass line during the chorus.

i was under the impression that portishead had broken up. but supposedly they're back at it this year and are slated to perform in europe for tsunami relief charities. and also look out for a possible new album (?) cross your fingers.