Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mirah - Nobody Has to Stay
from C'mon Miracle (K, 2004)

a couple weeks ago, bruce climbs into de's car and hands me a cd. i threw it on the dashboard and forgot about it for a couple days. when me n de finally got a chance to put it in the disc changer, this song creeps out of the speakers. nobody has to stay is a slow, simple track with only the plucking of an unidentifiable stringed intsrument, the low swaying moan of a cello, and mirah's fragile vocals. i interpreted the song to be about a ghost of a girl who sings to her family while they are visiting her grave. it is painful for the family to remember her, but she tries to comfort them and expresses that she is grateful that they have yet to forget her and still come to visit.