Wednesday, July 07, 2004

strange having all this free time, i'm not used to this, no job, no architecture studio, no theatre rice. missing the old life: the last night meetings in cesar chavez, the 8 am classes and 7 am bedtimes, the diet of nothing but quick chinese food, the ditching class to work on a project, the staple guns and flyers on sproul, the i'm sleeping on the futon because i'm too tired to make it to my bedroom, the bumrush to studio at dusk and build houses til dawn (with the same ol cd on repeat.)

those were the days, now i'm trying to bring up my gpa. (cough, sellout.)

summer dreams: sandblast the rust off my bones, assemble an architecture/design portfolio, storm through moffitt and rip all the free movies i can get, spend my 3 ams to 6 ams tipsy and typing the first draft of my senior thesis, fly a god damn kite, finish the poetry 4 the people website (sorry junichi!), hit up jimmy and edit "college national slam" and "til our chests burn" dvds, chicken and waffles in oakland, shoot more short films, write more poems, be there for my friends, do more push ups, eat less fried stuff, start a fight club with andinh (he's my tyler durden), learn how to bake a banana cream pie, paddleboat with s, take more lomographs, live like ghandi on crack, snatch every second i have, can't stop now, not now, not ever, it's my birthday and i'm gonna get it.