Saturday, July 31, 2004

nerdy: i've got days summer days folded and nudged in my back pockets, tattered jeans and inside out tees, my tan is an endangered specie in wurster computer labs, inhale some sunlight before diving in, spend bathroom breaks flexing guns in the mirror (muscles tighter than staplers, i'll bruise you bluer than blue books), my hair is lazy so my head's gotta pick up the slack.

bah, i'm tired.

weekends are no longer spent at parties, bars, or bar mitzvahs, but in strangely cozy apartments stacked with cards, board games, (poisonous?) pizza, and horror movies. texas hold em poker is the pogs of the collegiate and risk is the only game where you can colonize Europe (and talk smack while doing it.) cards, board games, horror movies, it's our excuse to see each other a little longer.