Saturday, July 24, 2004

heart sank like a tea bag - black, and breaking away into dusty flakes. my body is a cup, and there's something swirling inside about to break free. this room is so sweaty the wallpaper is melting into watercolors and i'm finger painting as i type (i don't quite know what i'm writing about... it's just hot today.)

reading a lot, though: bell hooks' "outlaw culture," a visual culture reader, a cultural resistance reader, mel's "rethinking borders," kathy's "unthinking eurocentrism," ellison's "invisible man," hemingway for english class, some paul virilio, an architecture "boogazine" (toyo ito, the foa, etc...), sandra cisneros, and a dirty graffiti art book my brother gave me.

favorite reading spot: the 51 bus, back and forth for no reason.

visual inspiration:

i want to play the game of life (the board game, not the real thing.)