Monday, July 05, 2004

from their latest issue, secrets of giant robot

1. do what you believe in. people have bullshit detectors.
2. think small. work with a small group of friends who give a crap. with too many people, you'll get nothing done.
3. ends don't justify the means. the process should be as worthwhile as the results.
4. keep the pma. positive mental attitude.
5. eat well. no fast food allowed-among other things.
6. keep growing. what was good enough 10 years ago shouldn't be good enough now.
7. be a sponge. find inspiration from everything around you, and not just things with obvious connections.
8. keep improving yourself. when you're not training, your opponent is.
9. join the nfl. that means the no fun league. after you accomplish something, don't celebrate. get on to the next project.
10. have fun. if you don't like what you're doing, stop and find something else.

word, giant robot! nice to see them in the nytimes. i first picked up an issue in the dorms after overhearing jimmy and cyrus rap about one of their wong kar wai interview (i think i got into lomography, wong kar wai, atmosphere, and giant robot all in the span of one night.) it's always a nice read, anything that brags barry mcgee while rocking bruce made tapes tees will always have their backs got. (i used to hang out on their message boards when i couldn't sleep at night.)