Friday, July 30, 2004

s tells me her band is sharing the bill with a south korean film called "save the green planet" and i (guiltily) think "oh, an enviromentalist flick. i might go grab a burrito when it hits." solder the alphabits a-s-s-h-o-l-e onto my lips, after some googlin the movie looks cool, as in looney tunes on speed cool (you know, on the takeshi miike tip.)


Scrabbel, Goh Nakamura, and screening of "Save The Green Planet"
sunday August 1st - ICAN Gallery @ 7pm
1310 Mission @ 9thFREE
directed by Jun-hwan JeongKorean w/ english subtitles
winner of the Grand Prize - Moscow Film Festival

a night of violins, love songs, and absurdist science fiction (chris chen, you hear?)

come through! we'll roll by bart, and grab some tacquiera cancun afterwards.


yuri kochiyama's memoirs come out this friday, in the mean time, cheggout this interview with her.


dude, didn't kerry sound dean-like? (i got a feeling: obama/richardson in 2012... and if you missed the speeches, you can catch em on video here.)


man, i like beau sia's new website.

- - grab some coffee, but don't forget your green sharpie.