Thursday, December 04, 2003


"Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed a 100% elimination of all college outreach and college prep programs, which include Early Academic Outreach Programs, MESA K-12 Programs, High School Puente, ALL Transfer outreach programs,, UC LEADS, test preperation, financial aid, student run health clinics, graduate and law school programs, research programs, and many other programs that prepare students for higher education. All of these, will be GONE without action.

The Governor's proposal will be voted on sometime between Dec. 6 to early January. If this bill passes, all of these
educational access and support programs will be GONE starting JANUARY 1, 2004, meaning that all staff for these programs will be receiving a pink slip for the Holidays. Also, the negative impacts of these cuts will be a direct blow on education."

fuck you arnold! fuck you!!!