Friday, December 26, 2003

nightmares say hullo to me at night. maybe this house is haunted. or maybe berkeley is haunted and i took the ghosts home with me. lost confidence when i checked out my grades online. did i really do that badly? i sort of saw it coming. sadness over grades is sorta foolish, but these grades suck, let me feel sorry for myself for a few days. i'll regain my confidence once i start spiking my hair again. when will i really grow up. do i want to be an architect. will i survive if i trust in my passions and not in my securities. i've been reading a lot of good stuff lately. junk on world economy, international politics, terrorism, marx, development policies, and soap opera-ish samurai stories. i like to diversify my literature. i'll rock the architecture digest, new yorker, maxim magazine, and socialist worker in one sitting. cosmo too. especially cosmo.