Saturday, December 13, 2003

denise was the first to die. tony is innocent but no one listened to him as they threw him deep into the icy lake. ronnie likes to start riots and lynch locals and doesn't appreciate the irony when he is stabbed away in the middle of the night. the townspeople still hear the ghost of towndrunk jimmy laughing at them as they struggle to sleep. kathy bach is a brave doctor who saved ben but forgot to take care of the knife in her gut and bled to death. sara is a murderous doctor so the townsmen hung her for it, leaving her rotting corpse displayed for days. andinh broke from the vietnamese gangsters to team up with luca and incite the people to bludgeon bruce in broad daylight (they later regretted that.) andinh was shot later that night. luca, even though he wasn't the killer, had too much blood on his hands and just had to die, cold and alone. mike richter didn't cry for anyone and found loneliness in being the last one alive.

dina and mike nguyen got away with all the murders.

dina was mafia twice in a row.