Thursday, December 04, 2003

today's new your times states that the Iraqi census came up with a detailed plan to do a population count so that they will be able to hold national elections by next september. but the Bush administration rejected the plan, fearing the daunting logistics that it would take to give Iraqis a direct election. the Iraqi Governmental Council never even got a chance to review it.

a commentary from the daily kos: No census, no voter rolls, no voter rolls, no direct elections. What�s the story? It�s amazing when the puppet-master doesn�t even trust the puppet. First, the Governing Council wasn�t given any advance input on how to spend the $20 billion U.S. taxpayers are contributing to reconstructing Iraq. Now we learn that the IGC was never consulted about holding a census.

Not content with their general record in the employment arena, the Bush Administration seems determined to put satirists out of work as well.