Wednesday, December 03, 2003

instructions on how to take back a country

1. know that politicians in the backseats of limousines are not chariot riding gods. that they know fear when walking through the city street at night.
2. whether you write web-pages or take out the garbage for a living, as long as you have a body come out and dance on the empty streets at midnight tonight. whether you swing six-steps, salsa, or simply nod your head, your body will be the beginning of the revolution.
3. food will win the war. cook, imagine the kitchen like an orchestra, strum the oven, let the water boiler sing, play the microwave like a piano. cook a symphony, and wrap it in your best tupperware, and share it with strangers. our cooking will scare fast food chains, meat packaging industries, and all the petit bistros into fighting on our side.
4. simply do what we do best to win the war. animal trainers get birds to swoop over the capitol and to drop poo on unsuspecting suits. actors pretend to be over-seas ambassadors, talk your way into a conference with the tyrant and, at an opportune moment, break into a belly dance and spit confetti into his face.
5. when the war is won, do not rejoice just yet. sing a song and maybe the world will listen, and maybe they will forgive us for all that our tyrant did in our name.