Thursday, March 10, 2005

smokey and miho - blue glasses
from two eps (os afro sambas, 2003)

been talking a lot about moving lately – moving to another city, someplace far, someplace close, not so sure. but i think cities are songs, dancers we fall in love with when we strap headphones on, weezer’s “el scorcho” always pulls me back to a living room in hong kong, crouched by my dad’s old mile high speakers, volume inched down low so he wouldn’t wake up (i don’t know why we didn’t have headphones.) and this song, this song takes me to that bus stop on shattuck, berkeley sculpting itself out of raindrops, the 51 heaving as she tiptoes on.

(why do i sound so emo - must be late again.)

(oh, to the cats not crushing on her yet: this is miho hatori, the one and only, from cibo matto, gorillaz, handsome boy modeling school, butter08, and that is smokey hornel, who jams with tom waits and beck. they’re just two kids who love brazilian 60s music.)