Tuesday, March 15, 2005

alias -unseen sights
(anticon, 2004)

unseen sights – maybe this is a song about you, or maybe it's about me, a soundtrack for some dream where i (or you) was a pencil and you (or i) were just scribbles and scratches, coming to life with the shy curve of a "p," the lonely "o," the frustrated slices of a "k," the nostalgic curl of an "e."

c'mon, c'mere. do me a favor: grab my cheeks and flap them open like a parachute, make a ripcord out of my nose n neck hair, tear me apart, dig me open, carve a hole in my head the way you’d scoop out melted ice-cream, BOK! BOK! BOK! into my ear, scream (a la garden state), mash a mosh-pit out of my neckline, please, with extra sugar on top. i'm restless, restless, restless.

this is what i miss: limber hearts and agile words, scratch and sniff alphabets, conversations that can be unpeeled from the ceiling. i like how you sing, how you talk. you have confidence, but you don't too, and it's the self-doubt that makes me wonder.