Tuesday, March 08, 2005

issues? yeah we got issues.

mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of all?

just the coffee, the donuts, the vietnamese sandwiches, the plastic chairs, the dj tent, the asphalt, the reunions, the water fountain, the steps in the shade, the business cards, the phone numbers ball-point penned onto your hand, the avocado sushi, the red and white wine, the flash photography, and the talk, a lot of the talk, dialogue with no beginnings or ends, just go on, anywhere, with anyone... are the kind of conferences i like.

twas a fuggin' cool time to see all the cats again. the long distance kids came to town, friends from apature, poetry for the people, theatre rice, and sasc in the shade. denizen kane kills it a hundred fold (if you're still sleeping on the typical cats... HOW COULD YOU!). apasd kids, don't you dare tuck your pride in. i need a transcript of junichi's keynote speech. dj phatrick and the sfhh gang knows i owe them a life debt. a toast to professor um. oh, john cho says he likes my shoes... was i hit on by john cho?