Thursday, January 05, 2006

told myself i wouldn’t do this but then i read high fidelity at the bookstore yesterday so...

top records of 2005
edan – beauty and the beat
seu jorge – cru
why? – elephant eyelashes
animal collective and vashti bunyan – project hummer
daedalus – exquisite corpse
koushik – be with
denizen kane – 10 new songs
danger doom – the mouse and the mask
lyrics born - same shit different day
final fantasy - has a good home

top films of 2005
head-on, dir: fatih akin
survive style 5+, dir: gen sekiguchi
me, you, and everyone we know, dir: miranda july
syriana, dir: stephan gaghan
sympathy for lady vengeance, dir: chan-wook park
40 year old virgin, dir: judd apatow
vital, dir: shinya tsukamoto
batman begins, dir: christopher nolan
turtles can fly, dir: bahman ghobadi
broken flowers, dir: jim jarmusch

other things of 2005
bob dylan, nina simone, caetano veloso songs
the book of laughter and forgetting, milan kundera
wings of desire, dir: wim wenders
star wars clone wars (the animated series)
architecture association student projects 2005
persepolis I & II, marjane satrapi
matthew barney cremaster cycle
apples to apples card game
scorcese on scorcese, martin scorcese
moleskin sketchbook
unkle nike dunks, minimal adidas

still – i need to simplify: more libraries, more rentals, less shopping, less downloads. i've been in hong kong for only four months and already my room is cluttered, sticky-taped, and trainwrecked.