Thursday, January 19, 2006

post work wonders:

- in architecture, i think the opposite is also true. a home on stilts, a home underwater, either way, we’ll be ok, we’ll be ok.

- crumpled paper is fantastic, with its jagged edges and cruel wrinkles, it’s like holding an asteroid… a meteor shower, in between your fingertips.

- the smell of streets after a rain, a crowd of assorted colognes and perfumes, and a cart of slow coal-cooked potatoes… great way to exit the office.

- when i feel creatively broke and can no longer sketch, i slip into our office’s material room, a giant closet with overcrowded shelves of granite, limestone, fake marble, woods, carpets, glass. i spend a few minutes picking up random samples and smelling them, running my fingers along its grooves. it’s my balance in the office, that and cigarette shit-talking breaks in the stairwell.

- the corporate office culture is surprisingly a lot like studio, only a lot faster, and no more buildings made out of pantyhose. clarity is important, and always going back to your original design intent when you’re stuck, otherwise you just end up drawing everything and getting nowhere.