Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I think maybe we are both winds, one of us slides through a wooden flute, the other is dancing between buildings, gliding against underwear hung outside apartment windows. The sea is singing, and we can name every fish in the sea – that’s Charlie Parker, there’s Ibrahim Ferrer, the chubby one is James Brown. You think the ocean is a dot, and we are just looking at from the wrong dimension, like maybe all this blue is just one note lost in a longer song that neither of us remembers the words to, but just knows. I kind of think the sea is more like a straight line, you know, like a guitar string... six seas, six strings. And if you sit on a beach at night, and dip your fingers into the tide, you can make this world sing.

But there are seven seas, you say, the first time I met you you had your eyes closed... and you still aren’t seeing things!