Thursday, September 09, 2004

thoughts at the michelle malkin (you know, the gal who's advocating for racial profiling, arguing that the opening of japanese internment camps during WW2 was something necessary, and suggesting that we intern arab americans NOW...) protest:

1. wear a suit and you can get in anywhere: that and a cocky strut.

2. cool tees: props to those who protest in style. my friend mohammed and some other students rocked black tees that read "i am arab" in both english and in farsi. nice.

3. gotta reimagine the protest: cause right now, we're playing right into their hands and giving them what they want.

4. i got my fix: all those pictures of protest during the rnc reaaaaally made me thirsty.

5. sexist protestors: why you gotta call her "bitch?" reminds me of what kiwi said... "there's no such thing as a down brown man because even the 'down' brown man keeps a brown woman down."

6. damn, we need to be quicker with the wit: jimmy, jason bayani, and made eye contact with michelle malkin and we COULDN'T THINK OF A THING TO SAY. what? and we're supposed to be "poets?"

7. time to find a new hobby: signs of blog going out of fashion. a republican brags to his friends that "michelle malkin wrote 'keep on blogging!'" in his book.

8. pilipino news station: got jacked and couldn't get press passes.

9. protests are pretty cool social events: nice time to catch up on each other's summers in between "when do we want it"s and "NOW!"s.

10. a nice end, i think: following michelle malkin all the way out of dwinelle with the pilipino american students singing, chanting, belting songs in tagalog to her about the shame of forgetting a revolution.