Wednesday, September 22, 2004

dropped today. daaaaaamn. gotta see it! quick!

one of the most influential city plans to have ever been designed was proposed for algiers in the 1930s - le corbusier's obus. peep em, goliath freeways hovering over the city, they connected the central business districts directly to the affluent burbs so commuters, capitalists, and colonialists could travel to work in peace, above and away from the filthy algierians and their dirty streets. the freeway plows through numerous neighborhoods and, with its concrete support beams, frames a view for the ground people of an ocean that no longer belongs to them. peep that sketch with all the blank space, that's how the designers saw the people living there: as nothing.

if le corbusier had his way the earth would be a star wars death star. and while his plans for algiers were never built, they influenced a whole generation of designers and planners who worshipped it as the blueprints of an ideal city.

(and now, look, it's our backyards.)