Sunday, September 19, 2004

danke lili

heartached and ashamed because of lili's post, she said it, she said it. i gotta get something off my chest too, soon, soon, after a shower and a good 88 minutes of free time...

Based on my possibly flawed and not well researched observations. The allegations I am about to make may be unwarranted, but in the case that I am right, it too am guilty. When the world trade buildings collapsed three years ago, people all over the world were mourning the attacks and grieving with America. But just last month when a school in Russia was seized by militants who wired the entire school full of children and teachers with bombs, as the news kept increasing the death toll, as stories emerged of the militants forcing the children to eat flower petals and drink their own urine, and as the media captured the scenes of naked children being carried out of the building and parents watching helplessly on, I wonder if many people in America stopped their lives even for a moment to grieve the atrociousness of it all. [continue]