Monday, February 09, 2004

movies watched over the weekend: "fog of war: eleven lessons from the life of robert s. mcnamara" (d: errol morris), "suicide club" (d: shion sono), and "the happiness of the katakuris" (d: takashi miike)

music listened to over the weekend: nada surf's "let go," notwist's "neon golden," digable planets' "blowout comb," the beatles' "rubber soul," fugazi's "13 songs," the smiths' "queen is dead," the shins' "oh, inverted world," lovage's "so how's your girl," the stranglers' "rattus norvegicus," doves' "last broadcast," air's "talkie walkie," and mixtapes by jimmy and s.

weekend reading: "coin locker babies" by ryu murakami, "white on rice" (part 1) by adrian tomine, res and fhm magazines, and the 1922 montgomery ward catalogue.

aren't weekends great