Monday, February 23, 2004

it's only politics, relax.

but for one moment, stop stressing your midterm, your papers, and your job, Love Jones, and take the time to know who and what you want to vote for in the California Primary elections come March 2nd.

until yesterday i was planning on voting for howard dean, even though he's officially out of the race. dean is more than a person, it's a movement for change, a roaming thriving movement that gave a lot of people a reason to believe in politics again. i wasn't going to vote for just howard dean, i was going to vote for the hundreds of thousands of other dreamers who believed for one moment that it was possible to change this nation.

but now this shit is real. it's HELLA close. kerry and edwards are going to neck to neck next week, i promise you that.

both can take down bush. both are "electable" (but fuck that word, that just means "it looks like everybody else will vote for him so so will i.") so the question is, who do you want in the white house until the year 2012?

who do you want guiding this nation and this world for the next eight years? who do you want fighting to reclaim control of the supreme court, in the congress, in the senate? whose hands do you want to trust our future in?

here's a pretty decent comparison of the last remaining candidates:

(kerry has a more liberal voting record in his 12 year senate term than edwards but don't forget that edwards comes from north carolina, a conversative state, and he has to listen to the concerns of his people.)

while i have no doubt that kerry will be a good president, i feel he represents an old form of politics that doesn't represent my generation. edwards, on the other hand, is young and energetic. i can see him taking us the whole way, taking back congress and senate for us, and really bringing back hope to our people.

i wanted to vote for horward dean...

but now i'm voting for john edwards, hoping that he'll pick us up and continue the fight