Monday, August 18, 2003

wow. i just bumrushed out a short film script. i think i did a decently dope job, if i may be so cocky, not too bad for a first draft. i still think i could push it even further. i'm adapting one of the most beautiful short stories i've ever read into a potential short film. a love story that deals with the imaginary and the "what ifs" we always get hung up on.

quick life updates:

- home is full of good food. jeremy's hair is crazy long. mom is smiling. dad wears a wig to a barmitzvah. i am blackmailed into wearing a tuxedo. we have a dog named rufio ("small legs, BIG DONG!" says my brother.)
- "regret" will be screened (so far) at the san diego asian film festival and the san francisco korean media arts film festival. we never knew that we would get this far with a project that we almost gave up on (the moral: never give up on your shit, no matter how ugly it looks.) extremely exciting.
- theatre rice is tight, jason and i anticipate some good designing fun. i want to get out of acting, it's just not my thing right now.
- my thing right now: poetry. i will be a student teacher poet for june jordan's poetry 4 the people class. how frigging dope is that!
- my other thing: fuck crecno. trying to organize a concert/poetry to raise awareness about prop 54.
- missing moon: children book will be illustrated by jean, who can make magic happen with the pen. it's going to be unbelievable.
- architecture: i exploded, wanted to give up, sacrificed sleep, cash, and parties, posted sad aim away messages (chris chen: "dude. what's with the 'fuck everything' away messages?"), but still had some serious fun along the whole damn way. rockin' the creativity until i cry...
- school: hey, i dropped cognitive science. alright!
- books: reading the howard zinn reader and "almost transparent blue" by ryu murakami. insane shit.
- politics: can you say "howard dean in 2004?"
- food: had thit kho for dinner.
- rsf: i WILL work out more.
- room: a total mess.
- sara: beautiful.