Thursday, August 21, 2003

i'm stuck in traffic today. for a butt long time. so i go through my cd case, pull out songs, and assemble a mixtape. err, mix-cd (i christen it "what's that in your cd case? vol I") i burn it at this hour because i am currently unable to sleep (i will regret my postponment of sleep tomorrow morning.)

james brown - superbad
rjd2 - bus stop bitties
captain funkaho - my 2600
lovage - stroker ace
joyo velarde - people like me
dj shadow and latyrx - storm warning
blackalicious - sky is falling
jorge ben - comanche
atmosphere - god's bathroom floor
blk sonshine (ft. masauko chipembere) - building
talib kweli (ft. mos def) - joy
michael franti and spearhead - sometimes
typical cats - what you thought hops
binary star - slang blade
j-live - yes
cunninlynguists - linguistics
latyrx - lady don't tek no
cody chesnutt - look good in leather

ahh, funkay... getchoo soul on, buh, buh.